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adj 1  :  of, relating to, or conducted in or as if in a clinic: as  a  :  involving or concerned with the direct observation and treatment of living patients <engaged in full-time practice>  < professor of obstetrics and gynecology>   b  :  of, relating to, based on, or characterized by observable and diagnosable symptoms of disease <the picture on admission was that of mild depression in an extremely rigid personality -Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation>  <three of these six foods were actually the cause of symptoms, and upon their elimination, cure was effected -Jour. of Pediatrics>  <21 percent of the herd had a staphylococcus infection in their udders but no cases of mastitis were observed>   c  :  applying objective or standardized methods (as interviews and personality or intelligence tests) to the description, evaluation, and modification of human behavior < psychology>   2  of a sacrament  :  administered on a sickbed or deathbed < baptism>  clin*i*cal*ly adv 
Similar sounding terms:  gal·an·gal  ga·len·i·cal 

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