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Roller  to  R wave 
roller, roller bandage, Romanowsky stain, Romberg's sign, Romberg's test, rongeur, ronnel, röntgen, roof, roof nucleus, roof rat, room, rooming-in, room temperature, root, rooted, rootlet, root canal, root planing, root sheath, ROP, ropy, Rorschach, Rorschach test, rosacea, rosaniline, rosary, rosary pea, rose, rosea, rosemary, rosemary oil, roseola, roseola infantum, rosette, rose bengal, rose bengal test, rose cold, rose fever, rose oil, rosin, rosolic acid, rostellum, rostrad, rostral, rostrum, rot, rotameter, rotate, rotation, rotation flap, rotator, rotatory, rotator cuff, rotavirus, rotenone, rotifer, Rotifera, rottlerin, rotunda, rotundum, Rouget cell, rough, roughage, rough endoplasmic reticulum, rouleau, round, round-shouldered, rounds, roundworm, round cell, round ligament, round window, roup, Rous sarcoma, Rous sarcoma virus, route, RPh, rpm, RPR card test, RPT, RQ, RR, RRA, RRL, rRNA, RRT, RS-T segment, RSD, RSV, RT, Ru or RU, rub, rubber, rubber dam, rubbing alcohol, rubeanic acid, rubefacient, rubefaction, rubella, rubeola, rubeosis, rubeosis iridis, rubidium, Rubin test, rubor, rubra, rubriblast, rubricyte, rubrospinal, rubrum, ruddy, rudiment, rudimentary, rue, Ruffini's corpuscle, ruga, rugose, rugosity, rumen, rumenotomy, Rumex, ruminal, ruminant, ruminate, rumination, ruminative, rump, Rumpel-Leede test, run, runaround, rung, runny, runround, runs, runt disease, rupia, rupture, RUQ, rush, Russell's viper, Russian spring-summer encephalitis, rust, rut, ruthenium, rutherford, rutin, rutinose, RU 486, Rx, rye, R factor, R wave,

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