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n 1 a  :  a regularly recurrent wave of distension in arteries that results from the progress through an artery of blood injected into the arterial system at each contraction of the ventricles of the heart  b  :  the palpable beat resulting from such pulse as detected in a superficial artery (as the radial artery) <a very soft >  : also  :  the number of such beats in a specified period of time (as one minute) <a resting of 70>   2  :  PULSATION  3 a  :  a transient variation of a quantity (as electric current or voltage) whose value is normally constant - often used of current variations produced artificially and repeated either with a regular period or according to some code  b  :  an electromagnetic wave or modulation thereof having brief duration  c  :  a brief disturbance transmitted through a medium  4  :  a dose of a substance esp. when applied over a short period of time <therapy with s of intravenous methylprednisolone> 
vbpulsed  puls*ing vi  :  to exhibit a pulse or pulsation vt  1  :  to cause to pulsate  2 a  :  to produce or modulate (as electromagnetic waves) in the form of pulses <pulsed waves>   b  :  to cause (an apparatus) to produce pulses .
Similar sounding terms:  pal·sy  pi·le·us  pi·lose  pi·lus 

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