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Hux·ley's layer

n :  a layer of the inner stratum of a hair follicle composed of one or two layers of horny flattened epithelial cells with nuclei and situated between Henle's layer and the cuticle next to the hair
Huxley, Thomas Henry (1825-1895),
British biologist. Huxley is best remembered as an early proponent and public defender of Darwin's theory of evolution. In 1860 he engaged in a famous debate on the subject with Bishop Samuel Wilberforce at Oxford. One of the most influential scientists of his time, he was particularly influential in the field of scientific education. The author of several seminal textbooks of science, he initiated the first courses in practical training for science teachers. He himself did valuable research in paleontology, taxonomy (especially the classification of birds), and ethnology. He described the layer of the hair follicle now known as Huxley's layer in his first scientific paper, published in 1845.

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