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Spiel·mey·er-Vogt disease

n :  an inherited progressive fatal disorder of lipid metabolism having an onset at about five years of age and characterized by blindness, paralysis, and dementia - called also juvenile amaurotic idiocy  - compare GAUCHER'S DISEASE NIEMANN-PICK DISEASE TAY-SACHS DISEASE 
Spielmeyer, Walter (1879-1935),
German neurologist. Spielmeyer is known for describing a method of microscopic examination of myelin sheaths of the nervous system (1911) and a juvenile form of amaurotic idiocy.
Vogt, Oskar (1870-1959), German neurologist. Vogt was the director and founder of two institutes for brain research in Germany. He undertook extensive research on brain structure, developing new views on brain architectonics. In 1920 he described a syndrome characterized by bilateral athetosis, walking difficulties, speech disorders, and excessive myelination of the nerve fibers of the corpus striatum.

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