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adj 1  :  of, like, or relating to glands or glandular tissue : esp  :  like or belonging to lymphoid tissue  2  :  of or relating to the adenoids <in the region of the pharynx>   3 a  :  of, relating to, or affected with abnormally enlarged adenoids <a severe condition>  <an patient>   b  :  characteristic of one affected with abnormally enlarged adenoids < facies> 
n 1  :  an abnormally enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue at the back of the pharynx characteristically obstructing the nasal and ear passages and inducing mouth breathing, nasality, postnasal discharge, and dullness of facial expression - usu. used in pl.  2  :  PHARYNGEAL TONSIL .
Similar sounding terms:  ad·i·ent  Adin·i·da  at·tend  at·ten·u·ate 

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