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So·mo·gyi effect

n :  hyperglycemia following an episode of hypoglycemia : esp  :  hyperglycemia that occurs after breakfast following nocturnal hypoglycemia and that may occur in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus esp. when too much insulin has been taken the day before - called also Somogyi phenomenon  - compare DAWN PHENOMENON 
Somogyi, Michael (1883-1971),
American biochemist. Somogyi was head chemist in Budapest's municipal laboratories before immigrating to the U.S. and becoming an instructor of biochemistry at Washington University's medical school and a biochemist at the Jewish Hospital of St. Louis. In 1926 he introduced a method for determining reducing sugars in human blood. In 1940 he developed a method for the determination of serum amylase in healthy and diabetic individuals. He is also credited with devising a test for acute pancreatitis.

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