FastHealth Corporation Company News

Thursday June 21, 2002

Press Release

FastHealth Corporation announces finalization of agreement to develop its 52nd hospital interactive health facility.

TUSCALOOSA, AL -- June 21, 2002 -- According to, Kevin Foote, CEO of FastHealth Corporation, the company is steadily expanding it's customer list by licensing it's programming to regional community hospitals in 21 states.

"We have proven the value of our FastPagesTM template.  Now hospitals can rely on one company to develop their physician connectivity software, interactive healthcare programming, and internet customer service applications. Now our network of hospitals is evolving, which focuses our attention on becoming an interactive healthcare management company of substancial proportions.

On June 21st, FastHealth's newest customized health facility went online. Beatrice Community Hospital and Healthcare is the fifty-second produced by FastHealth Corporation, and is located at