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Ri·ley-Day syndrome

Riley, Conrad Milton (b 1913),
American pediatrician. Riley served for several years as professor of pediatrics at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons before assuming the permanent position of professor of pediatrics and preventive medicine at the University of Colorado's School of Medicine. He and R. L. Day published their description of familial dysautonomia in a 1949 issue of Pediatrics. Other topics of Riley's research included nephrosis and osseous diseases in children.
Day, Richard Lawrence (1905-1989), American pediatrician. Day held successive positions as instructor or professor of pediatrics at the medical schools of Columbia University, Cornell University, the State University of New York, the University of Pittsburgh, and New York City's Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. His varied topics of research included neonatology, the Heimlich maneuver, and acupuncture.

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