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also  rönt*gen  adj :  of, relating to, or using X rays < examinations>  < therapy> 
Rönt•gen or  Roent*gen  Wilhelm Conrad (1845-1923), German physicist. Röntgen is famous for his discovery of X rays in 1895. He made the discovery while experimenting with electric current flow in a cathode-ray tube. He observed that a nearby piece of the platinocyanide of barium gave off light when the tube was in operation. He attributed the fluorescence of the chemical to some unknown form of radiation. Because of the uncertain nature of the radiation he called the phenomenon X radiation. For his discovery of X rays he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1901. His discovery had a great impact on both physics and medicine.
also  röntgen  n :  the international unit of x-radiation or gamma radiation equal to the amount of radiation that produces in one cubic centimeter of dry air at 0°C (32°F) and standard atmospheric pressure ionization of either sign equal to one electrostatic unit of charge .
Similar sounding terms:  röntgen 

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