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b or B, B-DNA, b.d., BA or Ba, Babcock test, Babes-Ernst granule, babesia, babesiasis, Babesiidae, babesiosis, Babinski reflex, baby, baby farm, baby talk, baby tooth, baccate, Bacillaceae, bacillary, bacillary angiomatosis, bacillemia, bacille Calmette-Guérin, bacilliform, bacillosis, bacilluria, bacillus, bacillus Calmette-Guérin, bacitracin, back, backache, backbone, backcross, backing, backrest, backside, back mutation, back pressure-arm lift method, baclofen, bact, bacteremia, bacteria, Bacteriaceae, bacterial, bacterial vaginosis, bacterial virus, bactericidal, bactericidin, bacterid, bacterin, bacteriochlorophyll, bacteriocin, bacteriogenic, bacteriologist, bacteriology, bacteriolysin, bacteriolysis, bacteriophage, bacteriophage lambda, bacterioprotein, bacteriorhodopsin, bacteriostasis, bacteriostat, bacteriostatic, bacteriotherapy, bacteriotoxin, bacteriotropic, bacteriotropin, bacterium, bacteriuria, bacterize, Bacteroidaceae, Bacteroides, Bactrim, baculum, bad cholesterol, BaE, bag, bagasse, bagasse disease, bagassosis, bag of waters, Bainbridge reflex, Baker's cyst, baker's itch, baker's yeast, baking soda, bal or BAL, balance, balanced, balanic, balanitis, balanoposthitis, balanopreputial, balantidiasis, balantidium, bald, baldness, Balkan frame, ball, ball-and-socket joint, balling iron, ballism, ballistocardiogram, ballistocardiograph, balloon, balloon angioplasty, balloon catheter, ballottable, ballottement, balm, balm of Gilead, balneology, balneotherapeutics, balneotherapy, balsam, balsam fir, balsam of Peru, balsam of Tolu, bamboo spine, banal, banana oil, Bancroftian filariasis, band, Band-Aid, bandage, bandy, bandy-leg, band form, band keratopathy, bane, baneberry, bang, Bang's disease, bank, bant, Banthine, banting, Banti's disease, baobab, bar, baragnosis, Bárány chair, barb, barbae, barbaloin, barberry, barber's itch, barbital, barbitone, barbiturate, barbituric acid, barbiturism, barbone, barbotage, barefoot doctor, bariatrician, bariatrics, baric, barilla, baritosis, barium, barium chloride, barium enema, barium meal, barium sulfate, barium titanate, bark, barley, Barlow's disease, Barlow's syndrome, barn, barognosis, barogram, barograph, barophilic, baroreceptor, baroreflex, baroscope, Barosma, barotactic, barotaxis, barotrauma, barrel chest, barren, Barrett's esophagus, barrier, Barr body, bartholinitis, Bartholin's gland, bartonella, Bartonellaceae, bartonellosis, Bartter's syndrome, barye, baryta, basad, basal, basal-cell carcinoma, basale, basalia, basalis, basal body, basal cell, basal ganglion, basal granule, basal lamina, basal length, basal metabolic rate, basal metabolism, basal nucleus, basal plate, base, Basedow's disease, baseline, basement membrane, baseplate, base pair, base pairing, basi-bregmatic height, basic, basichromatin, basicity, basicranial, basic dye, basic stain, basidiomycete, Basidiomycetes, Basidiomycota, Basidiomycotina, basidiospore, basidium, basifacial, basihyal, basihyoid, basilar, basilar artery, basilar groove, basilar index, basilar membrane, basilar meningitis, basilar plate, basilar process, basilic vein, basin, basioccipital, basion,

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