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W, Waardenburg's syndrome, Wada test, wadding, wafer, wafer capsule, wahoo, WAIS, waist, waistline, wakeful, Waldenström's macroglobulinemia, Waldeyer's ring, walk-in, walkabout disease, walker, walking, walking cast, walking disease, walking pneumonia, wall, Wallerian degeneration, walleye, walleyed, wandering, wandering cell, wandering pacemaker, Wangensteen apparatus, Wangensteen suction, warble, warble fly, Warburg apparatus, Warburg respirometer, ward, warfarin, warm-blooded, warm-up, warm up, wart, Warthin-Starry stain, warty, war gas, war neurosis, wash, washable, washings, washing soda, washout, wash bottle, wasp, Wassermann, Wassermann reaction, Wassermann test, waste, wasting, water, water-hammer pulse, water-soluble, waterborne, Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome, waterlogged, watery, water bag, water balance, water bath, water bed, water blister, water brash, water cure, water hemlock, water moccasin, water of constitution, water of crystallization, water of hydration, water on the brain, water on the knee, water pick, water pill, water toothpick, water vapor, Watson-Crick, Watson-Crick model, Watsonian, Watsonius, watt, wattage, wattle, wattmeter, wave, waveform, waveguide, wavelength, waveshape, wave front, wave mechanics, wave theory, wave train, wax, waxing, waxy, waxy degeneration, waxy flexibility, WBC, WDHA syndrome, weal, wean, weanling, weasand, weaving, web, weber, Weber-Christian disease, Weber-Fechner law, Weber's law, Weber test, Wechsler-Bellevue test, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, wedge pressure, wedge resection, WEE, weep, Wegener's granulomatosis, weigh, weight, weightlessness, Weil-Felix reaction, Weil-Felix test, Weil's disease, Weismannism, Welch bacillus, well, well-adjusted, well-balanced, wellness, welt, wen, Wenckebach period, Wenckebach phenomenon, Werdnig-Hoffmann disease, Werlhof's disease, Werner's syndrome, Wernicke's aphasia, Wernicke's area, Wernicke's encephalopathy, Wertheim operation, Westergren erythrocyte sedimentation rate, Westergren method, Westergren sedimentation rate, Western blot, western equine encephalomyelitis, wet-and-dry-bulb thermometer, wetting agent, wet dream, wet mount, wet nurse, wet pleurisy, Wharton's duct, Wharton's jelly, wheal, whealing, wheat-germ oil, Wheatstone bridge, wheat germ, wheelchair, wheeze, whelp, whey, whiplash, whiplash injury, Whipple's disease, Whipple operation, Whipple procedure, whipworm, whirlpool, whirlpool bath, whiskey, white-footed mouse, whitehead, whites, white agaric, white arsenic, white blood cell, white coat hypertension, white comb, white corpuscle, white count, white fat, white fibrous tissue, white hellebore, white horehound, white lead, white lotion, white matter, white mineral oil, white muscle disease, white mustard, white noise, white ointment, white pepper, white petrolatum, white petroleum jelly, white piedra, white plague, white pulp, white quebracho, white ramus, white ramus communicans, white rat, white shark, white snakeroot, white sound, white squill, white vitriol, white wax, Whitfield's ointment, whitlow, WHO, whole, whole-body, whole blood, whoop, whooping cough, whorl, Widal reaction, Widal test, wide-spectrum, wild cherry, wild ginger, wild type, Williams syndrome, Wilms' tumor, Wilson's disease, wind-broken, windburn, windchill, windgall, window, windpipe, wind colic, wind puff, wind sucking, wine, wing, wink, wintergreen, wintergreen oil, winter itch, winter tick, Winton disease, wire, wireworm, Wirsung's duct, wisdom tooth, wish-fulfilling, wish-fulfillment, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, Wistar rat, witchgrass, witch hazel, withdraw, withdrawal, withdrawal symptom, withdrawn, withers, Witzelsucht, wobbles, wohlfahrtia, Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, Wolffian body, Wolffian duct, wolfram, Wolfram syndrome, wolfsbane, womb, wonder drug, wooden tongue, woody tongue, wood alcohol, Wood's lamp, Wood's light, wood sugar, wood tick, wood turpentine, woolsorter's disease, wool fat, wool grease, wool maggot, word-association test, word blindness, word deafness, word salad, workaholic, workaholism, workup, work up, worm, wormer, Wormian bone, wormseed, wormseed oil, wormwood, worse, worst, Woulff bottle, wound, wounded, WPW syndrome, wrench, Wright's stain, wrinkle, Wrisberg's ganglion, wrist, wrist-drop, wristbone, wrist joint, writer's block, writer's cramp, wryneck, ws, wt, Wuchereria, w/v, w/w,

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